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This week Maddie Ross speaks with CEO of oOH!Media, Brendon Cook, about the perpetual rise of out-of-home advertising (OOH) in a market where many above-the-line channels are attracting less and less of brands’ marketing budgets.

Here Brendon talks to us about the impact of the acquisition of Eye Corp on the oOh! Business, the importance of diversification for out-of-home operators, and the purpose of the company’s new division: oOh!Place which features a location-based retail app called CloseBuys.

We ask Brendon why the sector continues to perform so robustly, and also pose the question: why does outdoor only account for 4% of Australia’s advertising pie?

Get the scoop on the major challenges facing the sector and find out how OOH is going to change over the next decade.

Take a look.

Author: Huseyin Sami

Online digital producer Cirrus Media Australia