Get to know our MAD Week speakers…

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With event preparations successfully underway our MAD Week team took time out to have a chat with our speakers to talk all things MAD!!

We asked each speaker to answer the following questions:

Q1:‘What is the ‘Maddest’ thing you have done in your career?’
Q2:‘Who is the ‘Maddest’ person you have ever met?’

Within in minutes this is what they came up with…


John Speers, DDI 

Q1: ’Had to dance cheek to cheek with a cowboy at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. He had very rough hands.’  

Q2:An old boss who had a fist fight with his chairman in the high street shortly before the agency collapsed’.


Tim Parsons, Mi9

Q1: Mad – as in stupid!
‘Tried to do a crowdfunding startup for the music industry just before my second child was born.  Mad idea!’

Mad – as in crazy!
‘Doing a piece-to-camera in London’s Leicester Square for a BBC2 documentary in one take, with crowds of people pressing in, all held back by one little tungsten lamp in the camera assistant’s hand’

Mad – as in near-death!
‘Looking upwards as I came out of a loop in a Robin 2160 aerobatic plane at 1,500ft over the Warrangamba Dam, and seeing a Cessna 172 blindly plowing towards me – and flicking away from certain collision at the last minute.’

Q2: Mad – as in genius
‘Douglas Adams, author of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We did two takes of a BBC interview, back in the studio we found that his multi-paragraph reply was hold-it-up-to-the-light identical in each take, word-for-word.’

Jamie White.Solicitor Director.Pod Legal.Hi_Res

Jamie White, Pod Legal

Q1: ’Successfully argued with the Trade Marks Office that the ‘F’ word is no longer offensive.’

Q2: The maddest guy I know is the guy who I played in a NSW country tennis tournament about 20 years ago.  He played the entire match barefooted on a synthetic grass court, which may be likened to playing on a coarse sandpaper surface. He looked like he just stepped off a farm and his feet were haemorhaging by the end of the match , but man, could he play tennis!


Author: Nicole Pusic