Get to know our MAD Week speakers – PART 2

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With less than two weeks to go we get up close & MAD with the rest of our speakers.

We asked each speaker to answer the following questions:

Q1:‘What is the ‘Maddest’ thing you have done in your career?’
Q2:‘Who is the ‘Maddest’ person you have ever met?’


Joe Cincotta (Pixolut)

Q1: Dropping out of school to become a DJ! After spinning vinyl for a while though, I admit I headed back to school and managed to earn two Bachelor degrees (one in Computer Science and one in Creative Arts Graphic Design).
Q2: A Buddhist monk I met in Thailand- I think he was able to levitate!


Tony Iffland (SBS)

Q1: Moving countries with three kids under five!
Q2: A mad Dr Who fan who surprisingly turned out to be one of the world’s leading record producers.


Q1: Going toe to toe on a night in Tokyo with some Japanese clients drinking sake – I won’t tell you where we ended up
Q2: I used to work with a guy who was an avid collector of wild mushrooms – he had a whole set up in his office of all these mushrooms drying….his office was always damp and smelly
Q1: Sign up to this crazy business in the first place
Q2: Robin Wight at WCRS. Barking but brilliant

Author: Nicole Pusic