Battle of the Bands: The Sun And The Sky – River

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Act Members : Tim Pearce, Sam Pearce, Simon Pearce, Justin Pounsett
Act Type : Band
Instruments : Vocals, Synth, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Description of Act : We’re like The Killers with a dose of Placebo, but less eyeliner (unless we do well in this battle of the bands)! Tim sheds his suit after dark to front the band and imagine what it would be like to be cool (and a mormon) like Brandon Flowers. Sam gets all UX and UI on his guitar. He interfaces with Brian Molko, The Edge and Jimmy Page to make our songs bleed a little. Simon brands the shit out of his drum skins, releasing his design frustrations in a dirty and driving consistent 4 on the floor. Justin writes music for the industry, so he’s just a glutton for punishment, teeing up with 3 crazy brothers. He’s the only legit muso we know and we’re still not sure why he plays with us. 

If you would like to see The Sun And The Sky play at MAD Week’s “Battle of the Bands”, please leave a comment below and share it on social!

Author: Sunny Singh

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  • Clever Bookings & Promotions

    Awesome band. Great tunes and great hair! Marketed to the max.

  • Joel Siviour

    These guys are cutting edge! Can’t wait to see them in the next round!

  • Geomada

    Like a Honey Badger on crack…these guys are delicious!

  • Jonny Taise

    Great clip. Synth heaven.

  • Muso Dave

    Very Smooooth…. Wouldn’t mind seeing this act live at BOTB


    Pssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhh x 4.5 (extra .5 for Tim’s hair)

  • sonia

    Love these guys! Want to see & hear MORE!

  • Scott

    Just wondering if anyone knows which company these guys are from?

    • Sunny Singh

      Black Sheep Advertising :)

      • Scott

        Well yes I can see that Tim works there but do the rest of the band? I was under the impression ALL members of a company band in this competition had to actually work for the same company?

        • Tim Pearce

          Oh hai! Tim from Black Sheep, Sam from Kojo, Simon from Imagination, Justin from The Audio Embassy :)

  • disqus_tGKP2CYHDN

    Looking forward to the Album…..