Battle of the Bands: Strictly Sergei – Black Balloon

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Act Name : Strictly Sergei
Act Members :
Pierina (Pippa) O’Brien – Vocals

Damian (Damo) Guiney – Lead Guitar

Tom (Wheels) Barrow – Skins

Matt (Soul Man) Soulsby – Bass

Caroline (Cazbah) Martin - Lookin’ good/Tambourine

Robert (Frewy) Frew – Horn, Harmonica, Guitar

Description of Band : An eclectic mix of indie rock and post modern Venusian surf rock featuring the founding vocalist from Bunny Monroe backed up by a ragged band of dudes who can rock the joint down (and create an awesome communications plan), with influences ranging from Link Wray to The Misfits and The Stones.

If you would like to see Strictly Sergei play at MAD Week’s “Battle of the Bands”, please leave a comment below and share it on social!

Author: Sunny Singh

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  • Catatonic_Typist

    music never looked so good.

  • Woody

    Get em on stage!

  • Dan Collado

    Reckon they’ll autograph my right buttock?

  • Damian Guiney

    Some may say this is a bit rough around the edges, but we recorded it live in a half hour lunch break, the second time we played together. That’s gotta be worth at least the encouragement award!

  • Guest

    This is really cool, well done

  • Frewy

    The tambo chick is smokin’

  • Frewy

    It’s not nice to steal people’s online identity Caz!

  • Claire

    really great, and excellent song choice… get them on stage!

  • Georgia

    Great work guys!

  • Amelia Elston

    Well done guys! Good Luck in Sydney!

  • Alan

    Haunting tune, loved it.

  • Guest

    comin down in ma chariot for this gig,

  • jimi

    comin down in ma chariot for this gig man !

  • Olivia Scott

    Awesome work guys!! Loving the integration.

  • John Thompson

    You Guys truly are Rock Stars.

  • Lorna Marshall

    This is great – fab work guys!