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Inside Series – Morning Session
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Keynote speaker

Uwe Hook, group digital director for OMD Worldwide
The fine balance our industry has to walk between Big Data and Creativity. For decades, the marketing industry has been dominated by the creative disciplines. Customer Experience focused on creative professionals producing high-impact visual presentations that grab and sustain attention. With the advent of digital technologies and a wide array of measurements, advertising tends to focus more and more on Big Data. All this hype created the chicken/egg question regarding the role of data and creativity, which feeds which, what comes first, etc. It has also created divisions within the industry, as evangelists and skeptics butt heads.




Give the people what they want
With the abundance of media channels available there have never been more ways to communicate with your customers. But how exactly do they want to be communicated with? And how does this change depending on their needs at that time?
Head of Insights for Australia Post, Paul Fanthorpe, discusses how best to reach your customers and the impact the changing media landscape has had on consumer channel preference at various stages of the purchase lifecycle.

Paul Fanthorpe (Australia Post)

Building Trust- How the Language of Design Affects the Behaviour on Mobile

A series of disruptive technologies that have been introduced over the last 30 years have combined to change our world. How humans have dealt with that change has been unexpected. Quantum leaps in technology have led to the creation of a non-verbal, universal language built from metaphors, governed by intuition. Easy to understand but increasingly hard to create.

Discover the world of mobile interface design and how it can be used to build or erode trust.

Joe Cincotta (Pixolut)



TV, Data and Convergence: Distilling the numbers down to the ones that matter most – 1:1

Digital media provides advertisers with extraordinary amounts of data. Yet it’s proven time and again that there are only two variables that really matter: the advertiser and the consumer. When the relevance of TV brand message rises, so does advertising efficiency. How can maths and science help brands and publishers tailor the right message to the right consumer at the right time – and send ROI soaring?

Ryan Jamboretz and Sarah Hassanin
(Videology Group)


The MAD Professors
As brands strive to make the digital more tactile, there is a group of people creating innovative ways to blur the boundaries and push innovation in every field. They are the creative technologists. In this session, curated by New Republique’s Nima Yassini we will introduce you to some of the leading technologists in Australia and find out where they get their inspiration, ideas, and know-how from.

Nima Yassini (New Republique)

Tim Devine (DT)

Tim Parsons (Mi9)

Josh Rowe R/GA 


Panel: The Future of TV
TV is dead. At least that’s what the naysayers would have us believe. But as the only medium that still consistently delivers mass audiences, is it best placed to capitalize as the media world continues to splinter? Our panel of industry experts, curated by Ten’s Russell Howcroft, will show how TV in Australia has changed, and what we can expect in the future for TV.

Russell Howcroft (Channel 10),
Brian Walsh (Foxtel),
Tony Iffland (SBS),
Carl Fennessey (Shine),
Adam Elliot (Seven) 

Panel: Startup Culture
Start-up culture is shaping some of the smartest and most innovative ideas and technologies in the world at the moment. Even the likes Twitter and Facebook are seeing the value of these pioneers, snapping up their ideas and crafting them into their platforms.
This panel discussion look at how Australia is enabling start-ups, is enough being done to harness the creative and technological potential, and how you could be harnessing this expertise and agility for your agency and next projects?

Paul McCarney (Oomph)
Jane Huxley (Pandora),

Andrew Birmingham (Silicon Gully),
Jennifer Zanich (Palmoa Mobile)
Jackie Maxted (Beauty Heaven)

Closing remarks
Closing remarks


What Customers Want – How to be (Digitally) Irresistible to Your Customers

Johanes Iskandar, Business Development Manager, Sitecore



Inside Series – Afternoon Session
Registration and trade area open
 Keynote speaker





The naked TVC tech crunch

Come watch Naked host the worlds first ever TVC Tech crunch. Epic TVC’s will be given the tech treatment by three of Australia’s leading technology companies and Naked. They’ll take three classic ‘passive’ TV ads, and show how engaging they can truly be with a dose of technologically creative thinking. The result will scare, amaze, and inspire.

Naked Communications

The Power of the Visual

As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Yet most brands are failing to take advantage of the enormous potential of the power of the visual to enhance creativity and innovation in their communications.
John Speers will examine what makes visuals so powerful, and see which brands are using it to their advantage, and how you can do the same.

John Speers, DDI


The power of clip licensing
Discuss the power of legendary characters in enhancing the impact of creative advertising.

Preston Lewis, Managing Director,
Warner Brothers Consumer Products
joined by John Fuhr from The Bridge

Brand Desire 2013
Clear’s highly anticipated Brand Desire study 2013 will be revealed exclusively live on stage – and they will be joined from some of the marketers from the top Australian companies to explain just how they made their brand so successful.
3:50pm Inside the creative mindSudeep Gohill from Droga5 will interview with the iconic frontman of Aussie band Spiderbait about his creative processes and creating music for adverts.Kram, SpiderBait

Who owns the idea?
The agency model is once again shifting, with many production houses and creative agencies now acting as product innovators for brands. But this creates a new challenged, who owns the intellectual rights to the idea? A panel of marketers and creative experts will look at the problem, what it means for brands, agencies, and you as a creator.

Ameer Youssef (R/GA Sydney)
Jamie White (Pod Legal)
Alex Carr (Havas)

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