Battle of the Bands

  • 05:00 PM
  • The Rocks, Sydney

This event is not just for guitar-playing rockers, but DJs, MCs and solo singers as well, pitting the most talented people from all walks of the media, marketing, digital and creative industries against each other in a gladiatorial match-up.



Company: Aegis Media
Act_Members : Pierina (Pippa) O\’Brien – vox, Damian (Damo) Guiney lead gtr, Tom (Wheels) Barrow – skins, Matt (Soul Man) Soulsby – bass, Caroline (Cazbah) Schneider – lookin\’ good/tamborine, Robert (Frewy) Frew – horn, harmonica, gtr
Act Type : Band
Instruments : Pip – vocals, Damo – lead guitar, Wheels – drums, Soul Man – bass, Cazbah – lookin\’ good/tamborine, Frewy – trumpet, harmonica & guitar
Describe Your Act : An eclectic mix of indie rock and post modern Venusian surf rock featuring the founding vocalist from Bunny Monroe backed up by a ragged band of dudes who can rock the joint down (and create an awesome communications plan), with influences ranging from Link Wray to The Misfits and The Stones.


MCN – The Joe Brown Experience from Multi Channel Network on Vimeo.

Company: Multi Channel Network
Act Members: Joe Brown, Tim Bowen, Sylvia Agabi, Cameron Langley, Alvin Ghersi, Alex Connell
Act Type: Band
Instruments: Vocal, Lead, Rhythm, Bass, Drums
Describe Your Act: If you listen close to the Joe Brown Exeperience, you can hear the sound of angels laughing. It’s like a bright spring morning, when the air is thick with impending storm, a sense of violence ringing in every molecule of oxygen and carbon dioxide, rendering the colors hyper-real. The clouds come rolling over the horizon and stretch their shadow across the land like a gangrenous paw. So far away. They seem to be moving in slow motion, yet by the time you realize they are upon you, it’s too late to seek shelter. There is no place to hide. This is the Joe Brown Experience.

Finalist Three: HOT LISA

Company: Mindshare
Act Members: Lisa Wiranto
Act Type: Band
Instruments: Vocals – Lisa
Describe Your Act: Hip hop soul

Finalist Four: Pat Hammond & The Exchanges

Company: Mindshare
Act Members : Patrick Hammond, Michael Talbot, Ben Burrett, Phil Church
Act Type : Band
Instruments : Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums
Describe Your Act : Vocals. Hammond – Coming from an opera & musical theatre background, has performed on cruise ships (Wild boys Afloat) and starred in many of the Southern Highland Theatre Companies famous productions including; My Fair Lady, Fiddler on the Roof & Joseph and his amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Previous bands include The Raging Clues (drummer) and two of Bowrals\’ loudest Led Zeppelin cover bands, The Underground Peasants Association and The Elaborate Wizards. Guitar / Vocals Burrett – Canberra musical legend, having previously played on a stage once occupied by Kurt Cobain (albeit before a much smaller audience!) at the ANU. The musical genius (or dubious lyricist) behind the band. Just returned from a self discovery tour of South America and the Far East. Previous bands include The Ben Burrett Experience and solo work under the Ben Burrett from Mindshare name. Bass / Backing Vocals Talbot – Raised in the Blue Mountains 3rd largest hippy commune, he was exposed to both elicit drugs and elicit bass lines from a young age. This may be the reason it took 10 years before he realised he was playing the bass upside down. Previous bands include high profile blue grass outfit Uncle Jack and the Foggy Mountain Good Time Boys. Drums Church – Hailing from the UK\’s farming west country, where he learnt to play drums on hay bails and wheat stacks, this new project marks his debut in the Australian music scene. Previous bands include Monster & Door One

Finalist Five: THE SUN AND THE SKY

Act Members : Tim Pearce, Sam Pearce, Simon Pearce, Justin Pounsett
Act Type : Band
Instruments : Vocals, Synth, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Description of Act : We’re like The Killers with a dose of Placebo, but less eyeliner (unless we do well in this battle of the bands)! Tim sheds his suit after dark to front the band and imagine what it would be like to be cool (and a mormon) like Brandon Flowers. Sam gets all UX and UI on his guitar. He interfaces with Brian Molko, The Edge and Jimmy Page to make our songs bleed a little. Simon brands the shit out of his drum skins, releasing his design frustrations in a dirty and driving consistent 4 on the floor. Justin writes music for the industry, so he’s just a glutton for punishment, teeing up with 3 crazy brothers. He’s the only legit muso we know and we’re still not sure why he plays with us. 

If you would like to see any of these bands win the  “Battle of the Bands” title, please leave a comment below and share it on social! All VALID commentary will be classified a vote.

To see these acts in action and to find out who will be crowned “Battle of the Bands” winner, come join us on Friday 19 Julu at The Rocks from 6pm. TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE.



  • Nicole Pusic

    If you would like to see any of these bands win the “Battle of the Bands” title, please leave a comment below and share it on social! All VALID commentary will be classified a vote.